It’s setting is Adelrune, a fantasy world in decline. Dragons are extinct and puritanical humans hunt down anything magical or non-human.

Its rulebook is available as a downloadable PDF.

About The RuleBook

Taking a look it is interesting. It goes straight into defining a character based on race, culture of origin and religion. Straight up no rules.  Instead, we are looking at the source material you need to create a character that is part of a society in the game.

I like putting roleplay aspects up front like this.

After that, it is the rules. Character creation is points first. 

We start with the possibility to fairly fine-tune background details. Such a being a noble or having a poor memory.  It’s an opportunity to balance not abilities but what kind of person your character is.

Personal skills get the same treatment. The rule book has an extensive list that players can purchase. Each race also gets a set of specific ‘Default’ skills.

I’ve always liked the idea of having something based on who you are where you come from. We all gain things from the place we live in.

This vein continues into extensive lists of abilities for different types of character.

It’s clear some thought has gone into these. As has those for the magic system.

Then we get to information about your character’s history and there is a twist here.

All characters are living after a sort of second chance. They have all died.  They have all returned from the dead. These deaths, must also be ’emotionally climatic’. No slipping off whilst sleeping then.

Something about this suggests to me that we are looking at a game with a heavy emphasis on roleplay.

After this, the book describes standardised calls and effect durations. The aim is simplicity. There’s a lot in the rulebook and this cuts down on having to remember a lot of details.

That’s another trademark of a roleplay first system.

Finally, we get to game policies and information about being in and out of character. Good that these are all in the rule book.

Twin Mask Rules – First Impression

I’ve never seen this game played. I am on the wrong continent. Yet I get the feeling that the writing isn’t just making rules. They are building a framework that people can run characters through.

That’s different to a lot of fantasy rules I see. Many feel like an attempt to recreate Dungeons and Dragons. Sure there are fantasy tropes here. The feeling though is that this is more about creating a place to build characters and tell stories.

My first thought on the page count was – this is too long. Know though I see why and it makes sense.

I rarely say that about long rulebooks.

How to Learn More About Twin Masks

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