Jackalope  Live Studios are doing a big licensed blockbuster larp. This time they’re taking on the Cyberpunk Genre and they’re doing by using the setting for Cyberpunk 2020 from R Talsorian Games.

The Talsorian Cyberpunk game is the granddaddy of Cyberpunk RPGs and of the very best ever written. We were fascinated to learn more about its translation larp.

We caught up with Steve E Metze the project leader for this larp and had this first rate conversation with him.


Contacting Jackalope Live Action Studios

If you’d like to know more about this larp then you can find full details at:


They can also be contacted via: [email protected]

Article Image

The image used is the cover art for cyberpunk 2020 and is the copyright of R Talsorian Games.  

Used here to set the scene.


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