On Saturday 2nd of February, the LARPBook team assembled. Not in an awesome, “Avengers Assemble!” kind of way. More like an, it’s early and cold; get me a coffee kind of way. We were off to Gloucester for our annual pilgrimage to the What’s Your Game Kit Fair. As a group, we like this event. There are always old friends to meet there and lots of cool gear to look at. The sandwiches are also very good. You’ll quite a few photos and more video interviews than usual. This was a good year for us to do media.  I’m hoping that is the pattern for 2019.

What’s Your Game Itself

The event meanders through Blackfriars Priory. It’s an awesome location. A 13th medieval priory filled with atmosphere, nooks and crannies. You could easily write a larp that involved exploring this place. The What’s Your Game plant plenty of signs around the site. A good idea. Wouldn’t want any larpers to get lost in here. It might sound labyrinthine but that means plenty of space for vendors to display their ware. For me, one of the standouts of What’s Your Game is the generosity of space. It means there is space to try on and try out in a way that doesn’t feel cramped or restricted.  The result is a friendly atmosphere. As even when full it does not feel overbearing. The complex handles people very well. Also a shout out to the What’s Your Game staff. I had to rely on a walking stick this weekend and they made sure I knew about all the easy ways to get around. Thank You!

The Mead

For the last couple of years, I’ve run into new mead makers at What’s Your Game. Last year it was Magic Mead. This year it was Wye Valley Meadery who make an excellent sparkling session mead. Also, Sam of the Crimson Moon was talking about their new enterprise Duntabbin. A specialist mead shop. Is it all about the mead?

The Larp Kit

It’s not all about the mead as there was a great range of larp kit. For the first time, I didn’t come away with more costume. That’s only because I didn’t have a plan for what I needed.  Had that been on my mind it would have been a very different outcome. A good sign is always new traders. They were here. Quite a few were doing their first bit of con or field trading. It happens every year. I for one am very glad that What’s Your Game attracts both established and new artisans.  

Medieval Combat

Between the priory buildings, there is a small green. Every year something happens here. This year we had demonstrations of from civil war re-enactors and also medieval combat. Expect to hear more about medieval combat in LARPBook.  

The Photograph Gallery

The Video Interviews

We interviewed a number of traders at What’s Your Game and this is what we learned. We’ve loaded the videos as a playlist.  Or you could just watch on YouTube.    

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