What is Forest Argent?

I’d call it a very non-traditional fantasy larp. There are medieval elements, but also other things. The Forest connects worlds and times. It’s possible to encounter knights or strange elves. Also, steampunk strangeness and a world of manufactured beings.

It’s a wonderful mishmash of magic and mad science.

I’ve mentioned the Forest and its the great connector. A place that exists in and between the other realms the game draws on.

Forest Argent events run in the West of England in the main. Although for the right site they do travel further.  The play is split between monthly day events and around 4-weekend games.

The Rules

The link takes you to a download page where you will also see a basic introduction to the game.

Visit the Forest Argent Rules

Collecting Larp Rules

LARPBook is collecting larp rules and we’d love to write a post about yours. Let us know where we can find them! If you are interested in sharing larp rules this is where you learn more

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