The Night In Question is a Vampire Larp. It is set in the World of Darkness. However it was always meant to be a more than a Vampire The Masquerade game. Although if that interests we do have a review of the rulebook from Mind’s Eye Theatre.

For us The Night in Question started when Matthew Webb told us about. We were instantly intrigued. To the point of running a video AMA about the event.

This had to followed up on. So following the run of The Night in Question I asked the players if the would help us tell you how it went. Their responces were wonderful, and documented here.

So much so that in face I need to tell you what is coming as this is going to a long post. So I’ll show you the plan

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The Video Review


The Stories / Reviews

Going In – Shannon Knudson

There was a long path from the parking lot to the actual rave. It was really dark, with only lights from the scene and glowsticks to lure unsuspecting mortals to the last night of their lives. I was walking with a friend of mine, working out our character ties when she got distracted by someone else and I told her I’d meet her in the party. As I walked the path alone, I felt more and more Bethany coming forward in my mind and shannon dropping away. By the time I made it past the tents and just before the lighted “Bridge” shannon was gone. That fact was cemented when, from out of nowhere, I heard “BETHANY! I’ve been looking for you!” And I turned, as if I’d responded to that name my whole life.


The feeling, going in, was like any other rave. Things were just kicking off. The music was going, people were dancing, and the drug dealers we’re already scoping their marks. I walked in arm in arm with a good friend, Vera, and she was telling me that my ex was there. The same ex who had abandoned me after 4 years together. (Actual separation from the real me had already occured- I was Bethany.) I fought tears as Vera took me to her brother Vince to explain why Mike, the ex, was there. Feelings of anger and hurt already apparent.


I left them to their sibling squabbles to locate Anton, the guy who’d invited me to the party, and ran into some more friends. Things were going good! Despite the fact that Mike was lurking somewhere, I was around people I loved and cared for.


A few good moments


Bethany found out that Vince had ordered Mike to kill her on again off again boyfriend Ian. It seemed Ian owed Vince quite a bit of money. Terrified that the men she loved most in the world would tear themselves apart, she struck a bargain with Vince herself – she would pay the money Ian owed and Vince would call his dogs off. Strangely, this blew up in her face.


The thrum of the music matched the mood. The feeling of impending chaos grew and I found it strangely difficult to keep control of situations and felt helpless as I was no longer able to put people at ease as I’d done so easily before. Slowly, creatures started coming out of the dark, friends seemed off, colors were wrong. I’d been so caught up in trying to problem solve that I didn’t see the nightmare growing around me.


Finally, Anton, the guy who’d invited me, pulled me away to calm me down. I was frustrated and upset and felt hopeless. He offered to take away the stress.


Defining moment


As Anton soothed me, and promised to help me shed the weight of humanity, she gave her life to him. And he gave her a new one. My embrace was soft, kind, and oddly romantic. From the exchange of blood, and the awakening to a new world, he walked me to a grave pit. He described that the world he would give me would have no more stress, no more concern for people who only seek to take advantage, no more loneliness. “But nothing comes without pain.” The shovel came down and I ended up face down in a shallow grave. Speakers in the wall of the whole whispered the words of my Beast as I fought to save myself. My Beast was awake and hungry. I struggled to free myself from my grave. (It was a hole in the ground, but a tear away tarp and hay instead of dirt.)


I came out of that grave feeling free from the first time in my life. I didn’t give a shit about the petty mortal bullshit. That was all too temporary. All I cared about was my Sire who truly woke me up…and this insane hunger. I cackled at the silliness of the Bethany from before; how pathetic she was to have given so much for so little in the past. I cackled at the knowledge that I was better now. Stronger, more determined, and tied to someone forever in a way that was more permanent than anything the mortals could hope to have.


Coming out of that game, that character, was the hardest thing I’ve ever done as a gamer. For literal days, I couldn’t mentally let Bethany go. I didn’t feel Shannon wake up again until the next morning. After I’d had some sleep and started moving. The night before, I’d walked almost 10 miles total and never felt a step, and it all hit me at once the moment I put my feet on the floor. It was really hard. I’ve never in my nearly 20 years of gaming participated in something so collaborative and immersive.




Nathan Klinger – About The Night in Question

So going into the game I didn’t know what to expext. I had never LARPed before, and this was a hefty one to take on for a first one. But when I walked up the dirt path to the rave site.. I felt my personality fade to the back and my character’s come full force to the front.


The most memorable scenes for me… were reconciling with my ex girlfriend, after a lot of backwards deals and betrayals between us, the drag rats, and my boss Vince.


As well as my creation rites… when I went to the graves I was tagged to become a Lasombra. But Vince was being put in the grave first. I got poached by the toreador, and shovel headed. When I was in the grave, the speakers played 1st Corinthians 13:11, “When I was a child…” etc. It was chilling. I am also an ex Christian and the relationship I had with my character… this was extremely relevant to me on a personal level.


And then watching the monomacy fight between the hunter and my packs Ductus… that was a major highlight

The Feel of this game

I was following the Facebook group for this game as it started and after its end. It was very clear that a lot of emotion was generated. That it was a massively immersive experience and that the people who played love it.

Do You Want to Know More?

There is a Facebook group for this game and a website.  There will also be a 2019 outing as well. Here are the links


Thank You To

  • Nathan Klinger
  • Raquel Skellington
  • Peregrin Winkle
  • Shannon Knudson


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