Our hope when looking for larp rulebooks to share was that we’d find a diverse range of things to show you.

What we did not expect was to uncover treasure troves

This is exactly what has happened.

Larpages – 

Is a UK directory of all things larped. I’ved used them doing research before. Yet had never thought to look for rules.

It turns out that they have a list of rules that dates back over 20 years and it is an absolute find. Here is the link that you need


Please also remember that they are also looking for rules and other information. If you have anything to add to this list please send it to them.

Alexandria – 

Is a Danish site that also collates information about all things larp. This one was completely new to me and again it is quite the resource.

The link I sent to us takes you to downloadable self contained scenarios. Though not rules systems they are a fascinating take on larp design. One that differs from the more standard UK model.

The link is


Next Steps

We’re still collating information. Please feel free to send us in information about rulebooks, systems and so on. We have a number lined up for future release; but always want more.

Want to know more about this project? This post is where it all started


The image used on this post is the Whydah Gold. Full information from Wiki Media

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