If a larp includes combat then it needs a method to fairly handle the damage dished out.

This article is about ranged combat rules for The Edit; my proposed new larp

It does not cover swords, axes, pipes or any form of hand to hand combat.

Since The Edit is unashamedly modern day, guns very much a part of its combat spectrum. Therefore this is about guns.

Nerf is the way to go

I’ve decided that guns will be represented by Nerf weapons. Also after Tank Larp I particularly feel that the Nerf Rival range is something to focus on. For me the Rivals really proved their worth as a larp weapon at that event.

Why Nerf?

  1. There is actual ammunition. Making it easy to represent both plentiful munitions and a scarce supply
  2. Nerf guns are easy to obtain. Which is good for minimising player barrier to entry and keeping game costs down
  3. I like ammunition flying through the air.
  4. The need to reload or fix a jammed gun adds to the tension
  5. The chances of actually being injured from a nerf shot are low.

Taking Damage

We have the guns. Now how do we determine how damaging a hit actually is?

The Edit has two underlying principles. Simplicity of operation and high risk to players. That points to lethal gun play…

The Double Tap

I’m taking on the idea of the double tap as a means of representing lethal shooting.

A double tap is two quick successive hits. To quantify this to players it is two successive hits no more than a second apart.

The double tap is lethal. Double tap means dead!

Counting Shots

Not all hits will be double taps. So for single hits. Those more than a second apart there is a counting system. It works like this

1 hit: Wounded but can carry on 2 hits: Wounded must fall to the ground and needs help from another player to carry on 3 hits: Unconscious. Will die unless medical treatment given in less than 5 minutes 4 hits: Unconscious. Will die unless medical treatment is given in two minutes 5 hits: or more: Dead

This is brutal. It points to the only way not to have casualties and dead people is to avoid combat.

Once gunplay starts people will fall.

But then horror is a major part of The Edits design. That includes the horror of senseless violence

What about bows?

Guns won’t be the only means of shooting people. In this post apocalyptic world there will bows of all descriptions and perhaps of fired weapons.

In order to maintain simplicity these will all follow the same rules for guns. Hits for bows count the same as guns.

Player Safety

I’m envisioning that all players will receive a safety brief regarding use of guns and other weapons. We want to make sure our players are safe and that starts with player training.

All weapons will have to be safety checked before use. So for anything that shoots something I’m planning a chronograph test before weapons are authorised for use in the game.


Last but not least is roleplay. The Edit should look great great. So all combat and injuries should be roleplayed at volume 11.

The image used for this piece does not come from The Edit. Its from Tank Larp
If this article makes you want to know more about Tank Larp then try here

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