We were sent this by Dennis Schwarz. It’s not the rules for a particular larp. What we have instead is the redistributable PDF for DKWDDk. Which is short for the German phrase ‘Du Kannst, Was Du Darstellen Kannst’. Translating to English it comes out as ‘You Can Do, What You Can Represent’ Dennis has provided us with some solid background :-

DKWDDK (Not a single LARP, but an “open” rule set)

DKWDDK is the set of rules used in the majority of German LARPs today. It is highly minimalistic, point- and mechanic-less, and strongly emphasizes player agency and self responsibility over organizer control or rulings. There are hundreds of events each year in Germany alone, while this set of rules – sometimes modified – is also used in Switzerland, Austria, and on occasion in a few other countries. The largest LARP currently using these rules is the “Epic Empires” LARP in Germany, which draws around 1500-2000 players each year. This ruleset is free to use and adapt by anyone.”  

Download the DKWDDK Rules

The rules can be downloaded and are free to use. If you do redistribute this PDF please keep the links /sources section intact.

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