This Years Objectives at Curious Pastimes

LARPBook spends quite a lot of time at Curious Pastimes. We’re there for at least two events. Staying for about 4 nights each time. This is fantastic as it offers us the time to do more with our coverage. In 2018 we put a focus on a family that larps. In 2019 its going to be more about the unseen heroes of larp. All those people that work to make the event great. A good larp is a bit like a Swan or an Iceberg. You only see the face that the game shows its players. Underneath there is a vast body of people supporting it. Often pedalling like crazy to make sure the right things happen at the right time in the right place. This means that in our diaries you’ll get a bit more of a mention for the people behind the game. They’ll also be popping up in photographs and videos as well. The aim – to make 2019 we celebrate the year of the people who make larps work.

Event 1

These diaries cover Curious Pastimes Event 1 – The Siege of Ravenburg. This ran on the 3rd – 6th May 2019.

The Extra Diary

We try to publish diaries during a long event. This one was held back. Partially so that I could raise the point that the people who run larps are great. Also it mentions the great surprise of this event. In game Trebuchet.

LARP Refs in Sync

Before I put the videos up as I want a special mention for th Trebuchet. These were a great example of larp referees working as a team. The very simple description for how this worked is. A referee monitoring the Trebuchet would determine where a shot would land in game. Then by radio contact the appropriate ref for that in game area. This would lead to the area ref applying the results of the hit in game. Sounds simple, but it worked. In the main battles this was combined with pyrotechnics. So now you actually felt those big Trebuchet hits landing. That was spectacular.

The Extra Diary – Video


Robs Videos Diaries (in Order)

This Posts Image

Is of one of the LARP Trebuchet used in this event.

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