The Siege of Ravenburg was a busy event. A packed plot with some fantastic set piece battles.  It was also the start of a project to unveil more about this larp.

For this event the tool of choice was the interview. Here’s why.

I wanted to get a bit more behind the game. To gain a better understanding of both players and crew. Talking to people is a great way to to do that.

This is the first set of interviews. There is a second set coming in a later post. The second post will be coversation with traders at the event.

Lets get on with the interviews.


A lot of people know Matthew. He’s a familiar face behind the bar of the of the Crimson Moon. Which pretty much makes him well known UK wide in LARP circles. This year (2019), see’s a change in both how the bar at Curious Pastimes works, and in the operation of the Crimson Moon.

Matthew takes place to explain this and also Duntabbin.

Oh and we froth (more than a little).


Pixie has played with Curious Pastimes for most of his life. Starting as a junior and moving on to the adult game, He’s currently part of the games crew. This interview is a wonderful honest appraisel of what it is like to be both a player and a crew member. Part of this interview may involve time travel.


Stuart is a game ref at Curious Pastimes. So we take the opportunity to find out how a referee actually performs their role.  Its a good insight into operations at CP.

Also a tip here on anyone who wants to get involved behind the scenes. One that holds up for most larps.


She started as a player and later moved on to playing a specific character within the game. A change in health prompted her change in play. You’ll learn about it during the interview.

It’s good to know that even if you change then larp offers more than one way of playing.


Kim has played Curious Pastims over a quite a few years. This means she’s seen changes in game mechanics. In this interview we learn a lot about what changes in mechanics mean to the players.

This is also the only interview where immersion takes over and the players moves naturally to being in character.

Order of Interviews

The order of the interview is not the original filming order. What I’ve tried to is move from game support, into crew roles and then into character and player roles.  The aim being to make this a more interestin cross section for the reader.

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