Fools & Heroes is a long running British Larp. In fact it is one of the longest running larps in the UK. It dates back to 1986! For a UK game it also has an unusual structure. Its federated into 21 branches. Making it a very easy game to find. You are never that far from a Fools & Heroes game.

Each branch also organises their own events. In the UK there is almost always someone playing Fools & Heroes on a weekend.

Fools & Heroes has two major national events. Springfest (at the start of May) and Sumerfest (at the end of August).

John Harding went to Springfest and recorded these videos for us. We get great insight into his journey and the game itself

Springfest Part 1: The Journey

Not all trips to a larp are straightforward. This one looks like an adventure that tested patience and endurance. I’d like to put forward the idea that the journey is important. A good trip helps us transition in and out the game. Although this one looks more like a test of the soul.

Springfest Part 2: The Event

Now we get to learn about and see Springfest. Starting with a look at his camping arrangements before moving on to the game itself. This video is part heartfelt diary and part a peek at the Springfest game play itself.

Thanks to John Harding

We’d like to thank John for creating these. [You can see more of his larp videos if you click here. ](

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