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GreensKon Camping Cookware Kit Review

Camping Cookware + Field + Stuart equals a review Well that was the plan and it paid off. Now that Stu has a camping stove he needed something to cook with! Of course we weren't just going to let him off with having pots and pans. He had to do a review with. In the...

Tenement 67 – A Review

Rob spent some time at his second tenement 67 event. This his is account…

Outry 3500W Portable Stove Review

Stu spends some time in a field with a new Outry camping stove. This is his review

Tank Larp: Review

Our complete review of the first tank larp game. Rob and Stu really did enjoy riding around in an APC

Tenement 67 – A Review

Tenement 67 – A Review

Tenment 67 - Cyberpunk Larp Back in March I played in a one day Tenement 67 at the Grange. It would be fair to say...

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