Last weekend I was lucky enough to be part of the latest weekend by Twilight Realms. I’m saying part of as I had a couple of  major NPCs to play and was also involved in some of the game preparation and reffing. So this cannot be a review as I am utterly and completely biased. Instead I’ll give you a photo gallery and talk a little bit.

First up on the Friday night was Sound Mind. An excursion into 1920’s horror set at a will reading in a remote house where all those who wanted their haul would have to stay the night. So far that doesn’t sound original, but then that’s not as important as the characters and what happened. The members of the family due to receive their share of the old matriarchs will were to diverse. From bright young things, to near communist miners through to professors with a glint for gold in their eyes and over to gentrified folk. I think that any larp with good characters is going to work – and in this case the theory rang true. That was just the players. The NPCs included a man who thought his family lived in his boots, a crazed young maid and a racially confused butler.

The game was played out with a rule-less system. Something that to my mind always fits horror.

The second event was the third instalment of the new  low fantasy campaign world set in a time of a powerful church and a on going crusade by the people of Meritain (not unlike Anglo Saxon England) and the Nordlander (not unlike the Vikings). As is often the  case there are some high level NPCs but also as it not unusual – everyone makes a difference. This game was a new departure in that only the start was set. As this was a PVP siege with the question of who would win. I’m not going to spoil future stories by talking about the outcome -but the story that led there was great and all the survivors have something to thing about. I’m getting to like this world and hope there is more in the future.

I think its important to say that these were small games – less than twenty participants but that fitted the site well (we were using Oakraven Field Centre in the Forest of Dean).

So to finish up here are the pictures.


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