Way back in 2012 a Kickstarter project started out on a quest to make a documentary about LARP. We heard about this and kept our eyes on things. By 2014 the Treasure Trapped team were being interviewed by the greater larp community – such as this piece is Crolarper (http://www.crolarper.com/2014/02/treasure-trapped-interview.html).

We started including mentions of Treasure Trapped in posts both in LARPBook and on social media.

By September this year the LARPBook team had all taken an opportunity to watch Treasure Trapped. To our great relief it more than lived up to expectations.  If you’d like to know more take a look at The Podcast Delirium Episode and our Lessons Learned from Treasure Trapped. The conclusion we came to was that this is an exceptionally well made and thought out exploration of LARP. Personally I’d go as far as to say that it is likely to become a seminal piece.

Then last week Treasure Trapped launched a new Kickstarter. This one was to raise money for and to sell copies of Treasure trapped on Blu-Ray and DVD. The campaign immediately reached it’s goal. Its now effectively being used to take orders for the film.

This then is the story of Treasure Trapped. A plan to explore LARP from around the world and one that does a good job in explaining what in fact LARP is.

To round things off – here is the Treasure Trapped trailer.




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