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In This Show

  • Why so much fantasy?
  • A new UK LARP Forum has launched
  • Patron Ahoy
  • Events

Thomas’s Teaser Question – Why is there so much Fantasy LARP?

During the discussion we referred to:


A New UK LARP Group on Facebook has launched

So far the discussion look to be of very high quality. You can learn more at:

News…..sort of

We have a new Patron – Thank you Adrian Minter!


Caldicot Pirate Festival. 2016 will see a major pirate festival at the Caldicot Castle in South Wales. Early estimations are that it will be one of the biggest in UK. A Facebook Page launch is imminent and the Festival Website is about to go into development.


Balrog August Bank Holiday 2016

This is the 10th anniversary of the current Balrog games campaign and all are welcome in what promises to be quite an event. Learn more at:


Mirror State Zero Protocol

Your chance to run the end of world


A World In Flames

Neothera – Weekend Event 3 and the plot continues


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