Lets get the obvious Sean Bean moment out of the way. Winter is coming.

As I write we’re pretty much at the end of Autumn and so we have to get ready for Larping in the coldest time of year.

This leads us to the obvious question. Just how do we keep warm. The ideas here are all about practically keeping cosy when all around everything is turning white and quiet.


It may sound obvious but in order to stay warm we need to burn calories. Being out in the cold uses up a lot more energy than say in our snugs watching Netflix. If you’re going to be larping outdoors in Winter then eat more. Sugary things are good for a quick burst of energy, but look at slow release carbs (like oats and pasta), to really help keep you warm over the whole day.

Wear Layers

Wearing lots of layers traps air around your body and this keeps you warm. If your costume means you don’t get to wear a coat or cloak on the outside – then wear plenty of layers underneath the outer layer. This will keep you warm. Also never underestimate the value of good thermal underwear. Thermals will keep you warm.

Don’t Forget the Extremities

If your hands or feet get cold so do you. So make sure you have the means to keep these warm. For feet that means good socks – or layers of socks. For hands – use gloves when you can. Also stow some hand warmers about your person. These little self heating packs are great for giving you some much needed warmth.

Its traditionally at this point that people say wear a hat to keep in. Never a bad idea – but also remember that your neck is long bit of exposed skin that can really lose you a lot of heat. So scarves people – wear scarves.

Waiting Out

One for crew members here. Sometimes you have to wait around outdoors for longer than is desirable – hoping the players will move to their encounter with with. What to do? Well if your costume is not going to be warm enough pop a few things into a small bag that you can take with you, Make sure the bag itself is going to be easy to hide so that it doesn’t break immersion. In it you can add items like

  • A Warm drink in a flask (soup is good)
  • A blanket – perhaps a light weight survival blanket.
  • Hand warmers.
  • Snacks.
  • If the weather is looking wet how about  survival bag?

Avoid Getting Wet

Nothing gets and keeps you cold like being wet. Make sure you have some waterproof clothes. Consider water proof socks if you’re going into wet, marshy conditions. Staying dry means staying warm.

And to end it all

Finally remember that extreme Winter weather is dangerous. If things get bad just head in.

The image for this post is Shot from Flickr user Krista Baltroka.  For full details on this image and its licence – click here.,

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