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  • Crimson Moon – Interview
  • PVP vs PVE
  • LARPCon
  • Events

Crimson Moon

We meet Matthew and Sam from Crimson Moon and discover Lukes weakness for Mead
Learn more about about Crimson Moon at

For more information Lithuanian Mead take a look at this:  If you want to know about 75% balsamic mead – these are the people who make it.

Please note that Lithuanian mead can be mistaken for a weapon of mass disorientation.



Thom discusses PVP larp (player versus player) with Stu and Luke. Comparing it to PVE (Player Vs Environment) games


With the UK LARPCon looming February 2016 we discuss what LARPBook should do there. The conclusion Rob will do what you ask. He’ll be wearing a LARPBook T-Shirt so go – challenge Rob.


Details of LARPCon 2016 – now including wrestling action.

Contact – A Sci Fi LARP

The Solmukohta LARP Convention in a Cruise ship

HypoPathetical Help

Bored in Bromsgrove:
How many LARPers does it take to change a light bulb?

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