In this episode Luke gets confused about Steampunk and Rob is method acting a nasty little rash.

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In This Episdoe

  • Chat about the Venue Goblin Combe
  • Rob Last weekend Crewing
  • Scale of Silliness
  • Plants and Flowers
  • British Steampunk Community
  • ………….and more! (no not really)


Chat about the Venue Goblin Combe
Discussion with Rob  Crewing for Forest Argent
The Scale of Silliness

This was taken from a Facebook conversation in LARP Organisers and Crew with Michelle McNeill, Aaron Vanek , Conor Tuohy and Rob Davies) – A question I am pondering. Is there a scale that is used that differentiates solemn and serious LARPs from lighter, fun, just for entertainment games? The sort of thing you’d use to quantify the difference between Schindler’s List and Ant Man?


Mission 7: Plants and Flowers
24 October
at 09:30

For Information visit

This event is for the British Steampunk Community :

Gulag Pt 1 – State of Mind’ versley
11th – 13th December at Hook, Wokingham, United Kingdom

This something the LARPBook team really liked – read the game information.

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