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In this show – Rob is missing teeth, Luke still has no hair and we all try out updated equipment


In Today’s Show

  • Gift for the Larp’r that has everything from Army Bar ME
  • Comics Empower
  • Twilight Realms Game Review
  • Dentures are useful for Larpers

Guests – Army Bar Me

Take a look at: http://army-bar-me.co.uk/
We chat with Simon and Adam – the brains behind Army-Bar-Me a company that builds bespoke drinks cabinets from military Jerry Cans. Actually they’ll try and build anything from a jerry can


Take a look at Comics Empower

This is a great idea – brining comics to the visually impaired
It’s also got us thinking that we should look into disability and larp. This is a topic that needs exploring.

Overview of the Twilight Realms event 20-22nd November

A toothless Rob attempts to describe these games without loosing spoilers for future event

The advantages of full dentures for larpers

Is loosing your teeth and replacing them with dentures and actual beefit – with discuss the possibilities of

  • “Jaws” Teeth
  • Vampire Fangs
  • Pointed teeth
  • Flashing LED teeth
  • Message board teeth


It looks like competitions are coming.



From: Twilight Realms
1/4/16 – 2/4/16 – Wilderness Centre

From: The Dark Door

15/1/2016 – 16/1/2016

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