In this episode Robs teeth return, Luke admits to owning a wig and Stuart wonders why he has to work with us.

In This Show

  • News of 2 great competitions
  • Do you larp at Christmas
  • How to care for latex weapons
  • The new LARPBook Shop
  • The Void – an ultimate Larping tool?


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Competition Time

To win a copy of Treasure Trapped on Blu-Ray send an email with the words: Competition Trap  in the subject line to

To win a bottle of Lancashire Mead “Krampus” mead (kindly donated by the Crimson Moon) send an email with the name of Liz Neales real life boyfriend (who is also in LARPs the Series) t0

You must enter these competitions before Christmas

You must be over 18 to enter the mead competition

Do You LARP at Christmas?

We discuss if any of the crew have ever larped at Christmas and wonder if Santa LARP would be a good idea.  If you have ever experienced a Santa LARP please write in to:


How to Care for Latex Weapons

The team discusses how they care for their weapons

We also take a look at this article in the Examiner and discuss it

During this we discover that Tara Clapper has written a number of LARP related posts. Find them here:

But ultimately we realise that the best storage is in an underground man cave. Here are some videos on building one:








Of course any man-cave / bunker / weapons storage facility needs coffee. For coffee “ideas” take a look at the Black Rifle Coffee Company youtube channel:


The LARPBook Shop

We’ve teamed up with Redbubble to create a shop. All proceeds from this shop will go back into helping us make LARPBook even bigger and better than ever.

At the moment its all merchandising, but in the future  – well watch this space as they say.

You can find the shop at:


The Void

We take a look at the void and decide that helping suspend disbelief this is a good thing. Although I am still waiting for Dream Park

Here’s an article about The Void:


New larp for 2016 – Silver and Brass

A social-heavy game, SAB focusses on Families of Demons in Hell’s city of Dis, contesting over resources, respect and political sway in a kingdom without a king. Demons duel each other over disagreements, marry to strengthen political bonds, carry out elaborate rituals to empower each other

Demon politics – what can possibly go wrong. LARPBook Likes the idea


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