Christmas is coming and at LARPBook that means it is competition time! We have a grand total of 2 competitions for one. One is for over 18’s only and involves winning a bottle of mead.  The other is to win a copy of Treasure Trapped  (see our review here) on Blue Ray and Download.

This is how you enter:

To win a copy of Treasure Trapped on Blu-Ray send an email with the words: Competition Trap  in the subject line to


To win a bottle of Lancashire Mead “Krampus” mead (kindly donated by the Crimson Moon) send an email with the name of Liz Neales real life boyfriend (who is also in LARPs the Series) to

How we judge the Winner

All entering email addresses will be put into a spreadsheet and a random number generator will be used to select the winner. This spreadsheet will then be archived as a reference.

The email addresses sent to us will only be used to find and contact the winner. 



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