The Neothera Saga LARP system was formed in 2014 by husband and wife team, Tommy and Hannah Hackett-Brown. Our experienced and creative team of staff include other family members (spanning three current generations) and dedicated and knowledgeable members of the southwest (UK) LARP scene. We strive to create an inspiring, immersive and welcoming environment where all of our participants can get involved, regardless of their prior LARP experience.

The Game System

The system has been designed with ease of learning in mind, allowing you more time to focus on plot, roleplaying and our rich and varied lore. We use a global hit system, and participants perform abilities or cast spells drawing upon a single pool of personal recourse called ‘Life-Force’. We also use a number of standard damage or effect calls, all of which are self-explanatory.

Our players may decide the race of their character along with which realm they belong to, you may also pick up to two of seven classes, all of which offer unique benefits in the form of ‘abilities’ which can be purchased with experience points that are earned for participation.

The scope for character creation and advancement is endless, from mad scientists, studious engineers, warrior-mages, and stealthy assassins to bowmen or firearms users. Your characters motives, personality, skills and backstory can be represented by the vast and varied abilities that all of our players can access in accordance with the game rules.

Your Game World: Based in the fictional world of Neothera, created by seven gods and goddesses (aligned to specific elements such as fire, water and nature), the game has its roots set in medieval/high fantasy/steampunk genres. We pride ourselves on our epic plotlines and fantastical creatures, where we physically represent nearly everything that we can to a very high standard.

In this immersive setting, you will step into a varied and rich world with interesting and detailed cultures. Of the fantasy races you might expect, Neothera currently offers the following playable ones: Humans, elves, demons, beastkin, faeries, piskies and wights (undead). Of course, you will encounter more than your fair share of other more uncommon ones!

Of the cultures, to name but a few, there are chivalric knights, steampunk crafters and ‘gunners’, pirate / smuggler seafarers, rainforest-living nature rangers, and ancient city-folk. In addition to this, as a player character, you can opt to be a wondering exile with no homeland to call your own.


Play Style

Heroic combat, immersive, engaging and flexible roleplay, a wealth of items that can be crafted to aid yourself and your comrades, dangerous magics and strange technology are all at the forefront of a Neothera Saga event.

Alongside the main plotlines our players may also obtain personal quests or goals to complete at events, you may also choose to continue your adventures on our roleplaying forum during downtime. Mechanics are also in place to ensure new players can stay on top of all current affairs in the game world through event write-ups on our website and an in-character newspaper that you will likely pickup during events.

Above all, we respond to the actions of our players during events, no matter how insignificant you feel a decision may be, you can be sure that there will be consequences – be they good or bad!
When Are Your Games: We host three weekend events each year, usually at Caddihoe Scout Camp in Exeter with Time-In starting around 7pm on the Friday and ending about 3pm on the Sunday. We also host single day adventures as and when there is demand. The location for these can vary so it is best to check our website for details.


Contact Details

Contact Name: Tommy Hackett-Brown
Contact Email: [email protected]
Group Name: Neothera Saga
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