Steampunk LARP

Sovereign Scrolls – LARP Profile

Take a look at Sovereign Scrolls. A Fantasy / Steampunk larp with 3 chapters in the United States

Xadune: A Steampunk Larp Profile

Xadune is a Steampunk / Gaslight larp from Georgia in the USA. Take a look to learn more about them

The Lost Star Chronicles

Group Name: The Lost Star Chronicles Country: UK Facebook Group: Describe Your Game Genre: Action adventure fantasy Who Creates Characters: The Player How Much Plot is Tailored to individual Characters: It...

Aurum LARP

We are currently a small (20-30 players) game with a small rulebook (<100 pages) that is easy to pick up. Because we are new, everyone is around the same level amd working together to survive and 'win' the weekend. We have a great range of players from...

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