About Your Group: We have been running over 15 years using a variety of systems, currently we are running Forest Argent and occasionally Fairy Tales.
We run in both Exeter and Southampton day events, as well as between 3 – 4 weekend events a year.

With plenty of kit to lend to new people and many years of experience running events, our games are inclusive with a drive to make each one better due to an open ear to our participants.

The Game System

Forest Argent – Low hit, strange science and dangerous magic. Character creation is simple, with lots of room for players to personalise there characters. We use bead bags to work out the effects of certain skills. Leading to the infamous BOOM!!! Cards.

Fairy Tales – Low hit, with characters built around classic Archetype. Certain skills come with a wax seal of certain colours. If you can find a clue with the correct coloured wax seal on then you can open it. Notably there is no magic rules in FairyTales, if you think you have encountered it (which of course you haven’t) your discretion and roleplaying is trusted.

The Game Worlds

Forest Argent – A selection of worlds, which have come into conjunction through a nebulous area called “The Forest Argent”. Game themes include Exploration, Culture Clash, Trade, Combat and Negotiation.

Fairy Tales – At the end of the Great Anarchy in England strange mysteries and terrible spectacles are investigated by quite agents. Game themes Investigation, Combat, Murder Mystery, History and Occult Horror.


Your Play Style

Forest Argent – dangerous combat, big characters, sudden silliness or danger in equal amounts.

Fairy Tales – brutal combat, historical roleplay, lots of running away.

When Are Your Games

Three weekenders, one always over a May bank holiday.

Day events on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.


Contact Details

Email: [email protected]




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