A little while ago we covered the Raglan Pirate Festival  It’s also had numerous mentions on the podcast as well. As a result we’re going to be involved in the running of 2nd South Wales Pirate Festival in Caldicot.

I thought it might worth spending a moment talking a little bit more about pirate fests.

They are interesting melting pots. Places where re-enactment meets the public and has a healthy dollop of role-play and cos-play. Pirate festivals are not exactly about accurately portraying an historical period. Although some of this is present. There’s a lot of trying to portray pirates from book and film. There is also story and plot going on. Plus a lot of free-form ad libbing. These fests are as wild and mixed up as errr pirates.

For me this creates several points of attraction.

I like playing characters. Admittedly some of my efforts are better than offers but  I do like trying to create and portray a character. Particularly villains, rogues and anti-heroes. There is so much colour to work with there. Pirates are not known for being retiring and boring.

I like to meet interesting people who want to create new and fun experiences. That is just about everyone wanting to run or participate in one of these festivals.

I like it when larping can meet the public in terms that won’t confuse or intimidate those new to the idea. In essence I see Pirates Festivals as good things in their own right and I hope they grow and grow. I also see them as gateways to larping. Where people can see the fun and camaraderie in role-play and will hopefully go from visiting a festival to both participating in other festivals and going to larp events.

In the UK there are a number of these festivals going on in 2016.

Interested? Here’s the list


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