In this episode what happens when you mix a yak jacket, gay chicken and spammers together.

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  • >>>>Happy New Year <<<<<
  • Ask questions on Twiter using @larpbook
  • Boarding School fun?
  • Flying Lead Walking Dead
  • Costuming Group
  • Who the BLEEB is my DND Character


A website per game – instead of using a website for a group is it a better idea (for a weekend or longer game) to have a site or subsite dedicate to it so that players can be more fully briefed or getter a better idea of the game before paying?


Lindangen International Boarding School

A larp set in a Boarding School – and as the promo material says

“This is a larp that cannot be won, only Lost”


Flying Lead Walking Dead – Homestead 1880 -‘The Beast’

Winter has come fast and hit the side of old Beartooth Mountain with ferocity. Time to get down the mountain is over and now many of the trappers and gold diggers are making there way to the Bearclaw Hunting Lodge, set in a small flat shelf on the mountain side. In a few hours a storm will hit that bury any not in safety and everyone knows the fear of being buried alive.

Other Cool stuff

A Facebook Costuming Costuming Group

The Obscene D&D Character Generator

Who the F**** is my DND Character

Help Section

I have never really heard about LARP till two years ago, and even then I thought it was something only small groups of people did. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is MUCH more expansive than I thought. But, I have been scared to even start looking out of fear that my family would think it is a waste of time and ridicule me.
So here are my questions:
What equipment do I need to buy?
How do I find a group that is willing to teach but still has a professional atmosphere?
Where the heck do I even find events to go to?
I live In Dallas, Texas and I am 18 years old.

Thank you

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