I was lucky enough to attend the Forest Argent event “You Can Run”. I crewed the event and this isn’t so much a what happened,  as I’d have to talk about goat love potions. This review is more a feel of things and how well the event played out.

Lets get started with what Forest Argent is. It’s a heroic larp with strong fantasy and steam punk roots that is run by Wyverns Tale Larp.  The idea behind Forest Argent is simple yet clever. The Forest Argent is a fey / otherworldly place where people from different places, worlds and times can sometimes access. Fall into or be allowed to access is perhaps the best way of putting it. It connects up worlds.  These worlds tend to have either strong roots in a particular time and genre. However it is not modern day. It is Gothic, fantastical, and imaginative. I keep thinking that this is a world that I could see Doctor Who visiting although I stress that is not part of any of the materials.

This particular event “You Can Run” had a Victorian setting. It featured a secret agent who in his youth had had a bad experience. He was being hunted by cultists trying to summon Old Gods. In addition a cult of Hunt was in the area celebrating the The Beast. A god of the hunt who every night chased a ghost on the hill. To make things more complex the players were being target by an otherworldly race who also wanted the secret agent.

Lets just say the players had a quite a bit of plot to sort out, and they did. Although there were a few dead-ends – especially the scary one featuring Goat love potions.

The Forest Argent system itself is typically UK. That is it allows for combat. It allows for audacious fantasy combat whilst having enough depth for character development. In fact there is a part of the game where characters have to make sure they can maintain their social standing. This means that players always have to be thinking about what they do and the character back story in order to do well. A great idea. I shouldn’t really expect less. The man behind Wyverns Tales is a master story teller.

So was it any good. Absolutely. I was never bored. There was plenty to do and both players and crew where great to be around. The story line I mentioned earlier had at its heart a folk tale from the venue used by the game. To me that added a lot of depth especially during the night combat sequences.

I did note during the game that a lot of attention was being paid to keeping people safe. This was done in a way that was transparent to the players yet obvious to the crew. Just the way things should be. One nice touch for example was during night sequences no go areas where marked off with glow sticks.

To give you an idea of how things looked. Here is a gallery:

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