LARPBook Mug Christmas Competition

LARPBook Mug Christmas Competition

It’s approaching Christmas and we are going into competition mode,

This is our first Facebook like/share contest

Here is how it works.

Follow the link at the bottom of this page to our competition Facebook post. Simply like and share that post and you are entered. That is all you have to do.

The prize is one of our new design LARPBook travel mugs. We’re giving away four of these. One per winner. So you could be one of 4 winners.

The competition is open to any where in the world. It is NOT limited to the UK.

The closing  date is 17th December 2017 at 9pm GMT. So you have up until then to like and share our post.

All that remains to be said is good luck and perhaps next year your travel beverage will be kept warm by a LARPBook mug.


Progress on our LARP Rulebook

Work has started on the LARPBooks new open source LARP rule book. At this stage progress is minimal but this will  improve as time goes on.

The book itself is currently divided into 6 sections are these are:

  • Building Reality (world creation)
  • Character Creation (how to build and define a character)
  • Conflict Resolution (essentially combat)
  • Creating A LARP  (help making your own game)
  • LARP Safety (LARP with minimal risk)
  • Skill Resolution (knowing when you’ve been successful)

The aim is keep each section short and simple so that they can be easily adapted to different games, genres and maybe styles of play.

If you want to get involved contact the LARPBook Group on Facebook.


Summer LARP 2013

Summer LARP 2013

It is Summer – in a few days July will turn to August. So perhaps we are somewhere around the middle of the summer. At this point a few major LARPs have had their Summer events. Over the next months in the UK and Europe some of the biggest LARP events will play out,

What I’d to do this Summer is document the games. Find out from those that attended how well they ran, what went well, and how did the game feel from a players perspective. Most of all I’d love to capture the look of things in photo and video.

I cannot be part of all those games.

You – the readers of LARPBook can.

This is a request to any LARPers that read this, Help me build a record of the this Summers games.

Something that we can all share and look back on.

Something to give us warm feelings as from this point on – Winter is Coming.

My thanks to Flickr user – Daz Smith for this image of Stanton Drew Stones in Summer, More details at:[email protected]/4266344198/in/photolist-7v18uA-kGE7G-kLryi-9X2xVp-9X2xL8-9X2y2n-kGBqb-kGBzW-aaW7Ad-ePdRZ-ePdR4-ePdRp-2HSXgK-kGEvA-2HXj19-6yRS8N-cRhGNu-5ccUEj-7vJTeq-8cBUB5-7AkxcB-7Tu5hH-5gW66Z-8aJsi6-6yxcnz-22wx9T-6FmkZS-8VNPMZ-5ejcim-7LHFR9-6B5sAe-8fPLuU-6x3p2P-XXKFK-6x7aD7-6x3pMM-6x79pj-7SkrqW-7Skouw-7Skqa3-7Sknh3-7Skpk3-7Sksp9-7SknJQ-7SkoUU-7Shczk-7Skob1-7Sktxj-8RcUCC-7ShbC4-7Sh9h4

More Support for Authors and Posters

I’ve held off on more LARP news over the last few days in order to enable some new site features.

The first is pretty hard to miss. At the bottom of posts you will now find an information panel that will tell you a little about the author.  You’ll find their name, biographical information, social media links and access to other posts written by that author – including an archive page that lists all of their work.

This is part of my intentions to better support anyone who writes for LARPBook.

Its not just about adding more support for authors. There is also now a facility for adding a profile picture as well. I’m hoping this will be useful to everyone making comments on the site – seeing your faces – or choice of profile images would be great.

It does lead me to the thought of should more be done with profiles – or should I do more with Facebook. Any thoughts you have on this would be gratefully appreciated.

Looking for Reviewers in 2013

Are you a keen LARPer with an  ability to write down why you think something is good or bad? LARPBook is looking to review more events in 2013 and to do that it needs a veritable army of reviewers. If you are wondering why I am looking for reviewers – here’s the reason:.

One of things I noticed that is that is plenty of variation on how LARP is played. There are differences between organisers, game styles, countries and cultures. Yet we are all trying to do the same thing. We are all story telling. Good reviews won’t just tell us who is organising great games – they will give all us more insights and inspirations to apply to our own games. After all LARPing is a creative and collective affair and there is plenty we can all learn from each other.

If you’re interested take a look at the LARPBook information for contributors:


And I look forward to learning more about a variety of games.


Latest Site Update

A while ago I listed some of the planned changes for LARPBook. One of these was to adjust the colour scheme with a view to making things easier to read. This first phase of colour updates replaces the low contrast colours with higher contrast ones that work well with orange. Over the last few months I’ve seen orange grow from a colour that could be useful to being a signature colour for LARPBook. I think the new logo will be appearing in this colour.

I have one concern – I think a lot of red has come into the orange and I have concerns that for some readers this may not be clear enough. I’ll let this ride for a short period to see if there is any feedback on this. I’ll also use this time to consider whether or not from a design and accessibility point of view that this should be further revised.

The point to the design of LARPBook is be an evolutionary thing that has more to do with allowing the site to morph into something that is has the right feeling. This is somewhat different to commercial web design where things are played a lot safer and with company or specific emotive colour schemes.  Part of this evolutionary method is to listen to the readers and users of LARPBook. If have an opinion I would like to hear it. LARPBook is for you and your voice matters.



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