It is only right that we let prospective contributors know what we are looking for. After all as of this moment there is very little LARP content in LARPBook. I know this will change soon, but for the moment we are looking for:

  • Club information – tell us about your LARP club – include things like contact details so that people can get in touch with you. Add a contact form to the page so that you can be directly messaged from LARPBook
  • Event information – include details of your LARP events to let¬†prospective¬†players know when it is, what genre, how much it will cost. Feel free to advertise. Again you can include a contact form to help people get in touch with you
  • Articles – you want to talk about something. That’s fine – please write about it.
  • Fiction – I’d love to encourage fiction for and by LARPers. We have a fiction category setup for you
  • Photos – We a gallery capability set up that really show of your LARP photos. Just select the Gallery option when you post.
  • How To’s – some of you have amazing specialist knowledge. Please share it with others.
  • Humour – all the LARP groups I’ve ever played with have had an amazing sense of humour. If you have a funny photo or video please share.

If you any question at all get in touch and I will do my best to answer them.

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