Using the Post system in LARPBook it is possible to create an on screen gallery that shows off a set of photographs and pictures. This is intended to be a step by step guide to creating a gallery.


Step 1

The Media Upload / Insert Control


Click on +New at the top of the screen and select Post. Now click on Add Media directly above the post editor




Step 2

Drag and Drop Files

Drag and Drop the images you want to use in your gallery. After uploading you can click on ‘Show’ to the right of your pictures and update details about the details

When finished click on save all changes.



Step 3

Save Gallery

You’ll now see the gallery settings page

Here you can set how links may work and set an order for how the pictures will display on the and also how many columns of pictures you will see in the published post.

When you are ready click on insert galleryThe gallery will appear in your post as a large box with a picture of camera and photo in the middle.

Now complete and save your post.Visit your post in LARPBook – click on any of the image thumbnails and your gallery will appear as a full screen carousel.
Inserted Gallery

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