The nights are drawing in and Winter is not here yet but the tell tale signs of its arrival are. Fortunately before the mad end of rush that is Christmas and New Year I have 2 more events to attend.

The first is from Fear of Dark a group I’ve been involved with from almost the beginning. The scenario is Fistful of Pesos set in 1838 in the Wild West this promises to be quite a game.  I think this as I know a number of players are quite excited about it, and the idea of creating a cowboy horror is something that has been talked about by the group for ages – and here it is. I won’t profile Fear of the Dark right now – as I’m sure that will happen soon. What I will do is write about the game after the event and try and give you a good feeling about how it went.

The second is the first Twilight Realms ‘Short Story’ event. Short Stories are exactly what they say on the tin – very short LARP scenarios – abut 4 hours long that try to pack a lot in. I’ll be able to write in detail about this – but not impartially. The first Short Stories event  contains 2 scenarios and I am writing one of them. So I’ll now all about the game – just not too objective. The shorter format is a new departure for the Twilight Realms and I like it. I think it will work and produce some intense roleplaying experiences.

Both systems I love and both games with great promise. I’ll use these to try and generate more ideas to cover as features for LARPBook and write something useful.

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