It is Summer – in a few days July will turn to August. So perhaps we are somewhere around the middle of the summer. At this point a few major LARPs have had their Summer events. Over the next months in the UK and Europe some of the biggest LARP events will play out,

What I’d to do this Summer is document the games. Find out from those that attended how well they ran, what went well, and how did the game feel from a players perspective. Most of all I’d love to capture the look of things in photo and video.

I cannot be part of all those games.

You – the readers of LARPBook can.

This is a request to any LARPers that read this, Help me build a record of the this Summers games.

Something that we can all share and look back on.

Something to give us warm feelings as from this point on – Winter is Coming.

My thanks to Flickr user – Daz Smith for this image of Stanton Drew Stones in Summer, More details at:[email protected]/4266344198/in/photolist-7v18uA-kGE7G-kLryi-9X2xVp-9X2xL8-9X2y2n-kGBqb-kGBzW-aaW7Ad-ePdRZ-ePdR4-ePdRp-2HSXgK-kGEvA-2HXj19-6yRS8N-cRhGNu-5ccUEj-7vJTeq-8cBUB5-7AkxcB-7Tu5hH-5gW66Z-8aJsi6-6yxcnz-22wx9T-6FmkZS-8VNPMZ-5ejcim-7LHFR9-6B5sAe-8fPLuU-6x3p2P-XXKFK-6x7aD7-6x3pMM-6x79pj-7SkrqW-7Skouw-7Skqa3-7Sknh3-7Skpk3-7Sksp9-7SknJQ-7SkoUU-7Shczk-7Skob1-7Sktxj-8RcUCC-7ShbC4-7Sh9h4

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