If you’re a regular to LARPBook you’ll notice that things look a little different. That’s due to a little problem that we’ve suffered.

The bad news is that LARPBook was hacked. I haven’t fully completed the investigation yet but it looks as if an exploit in a third party plugin was taken advantage of. Luckily a member of the Fayre TImes Festival  team spotted it and let me know via Twitter.

It was obvious action was needed. I decided to make a somewhat drastic move to secure the site and remove the risk to readers. I moved all the data to WordPress.com and reset the domain name to point away from the old site.

You are now looking at an entirely new site in a new environment,

Why the move? Here’s some reasoning.

  1. Removing the 3rd party plugins removes a primary method of attack on the site.
  2. WordPress.com has a great reputation for security and regularly deals with a great many attacks some of them government sponsored.
  3. Moving to a place where someone deals with essential maintenance gives me more time to work on content. I’d discovered over the running of LARPBook that I really wanted to focus my time more and more on content.
  4. WordPress has become more than blogging host. Its become a social reading network. The upshot is that this may help me spread the word about LARP more effectively than hosting the site myself.
  5. The simpler setup and social nature of the new platform may help me attract more writers.

Where do things stand now

Right now all posts and all comments have moved over, together with many of the photographs. Some pictures are missing – I’ll try and remedy this as time moves on.  All user accounts were shutdown for security during the hack. I’m considering the best move to deal with this – I’ll let you know how this works out. At the moment if you want to comment please just use your email address.

Finally – thank you for your continued support of LARPBook – I’ll make sure I do my best to look after you.



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