A while ago I listed some of the planned changes for LARPBook. One of these was to adjust the colour scheme with a view to making things easier to read. This first phase of colour updates replaces the low contrast colours with higher contrast ones that work well with orange. Over the last few months I’ve seen orange grow from a colour that could be useful to being a signature colour for LARPBook. I think the new logo will be appearing in this colour.

I have one concern – I think a lot of red has come into the orange and I have concerns that for some readers this may not be clear enough. I’ll let this ride for a short period to see if there is any feedback on this. I’ll also use this time to consider whether or not from a design and accessibility point of view that this should be further revised.

The point to the design of LARPBook is be an evolutionary thing that has more to do with allowing the site to morph into something that is has the right feeling. This is somewhat different to commercial web design where things are played a lot safer and with company or specific emotive colour schemes.  Part of this evolutionary method is to listen to the readers and users of LARPBook. If have an opinion I would like to hear it. LARPBook is for you and your voice matters.



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