I started assembling LARPBook in September – a little over 3 months ago at the time of writing this post. At that point I was wondering about the mechanics of how the site would work and also how the I would get the content together. At that point I was guided by the light of knowing that I wanted to creation something that was open source. Something that anyone could contribute to and where all the content would be available for sharing. That is still my premise and will always been how LARPBook will work.

What I have found though is that it has not been difficult to get the inspiration for a great many posts. Its been a case of look and you will find. The Internet is full of people celebrating LARP and everyone has been kind and helpful. I’ve always thought fellow LARPers to be great people and this start of LARPBook has only served to reinforce this.

So to everyone I say thank you.

Creating posts has also been somewhat exciting and intoxicating. This means that part of the design and part of  the technical aspects of LARPBook  haven’t progressed very much. I’ll be putting that right soon, I want to make sure that LARPBook works well and looks good.

So that means that the future is full of updates and posts.

The start of LARPBook has been fantastic which is why I would like to reiterate my seasons greetings to all LARPers.  Its you who have made this start so exciting and I would like to say thank you.

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