Despite being 3 years old this short video has been shared to me a few times recently and seeing as the song is (sort of), seasonal I decided to share it on as Christmas approaches.

Though its not LARP, being set using mostly on streets made me thing of LARP events or scenes run not on event sites but in the real world, in real streets in real towns. Here are a couple of examples of LARP games that had a real world component.

The first was set in Monmouth. A modern day event was due to run in the evening at a Forest of Dean location – about 30 minutes drive from the town. All the players were on site during the day and a briefing was arranged that extended the players pre-game play by mail that placed them in the town that day knowing that a protagonist they were following would be there. The end result as the players looking for the NPC, finding following and picking up some clues towards the evening based on items that were being shopped for. At the end of the day the players were driven to the site ready for the game to begin. It was an introduction that gave them a more natural lead in and worked.

Now for the don’t try this at home example. On a different event players were being briefed in a pub pre-game and enthusiastically got into character. Normally this would be fine – something to encouraged. This time however the players forgot they were in a remote British Pub. They has also done the no no of carrying in bags filled with replica weapons. In their enthusiasm they started putting replica assault weapons and pistols on the Pub table. Some hasty words had to be had – not least with the Publican to keep the situation calm.

So I was wondering – do you have any experience of LARP happening in the streets or public buildings.

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