Survive a zombie apocalypse on TV

Survive a zombie apocalypse on TV

Do you have a thing for survival
Do you thing you can survive the zombies

Well let’s face given the popularity of the undead and post apocalyptic games there seems to be a tendency in LARP towards that.

Well the BBC may have something for you.

They are recruiting for a new show – “I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse” that’s scheduled for transmission on BBC 3

If you would like to apply and show them that Larpers are up for surviving the end of the world just click here.

Good Luck



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Suddenly Something Happens

Some people often worry that LARP players cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. In my experience that is blatantly not true. I find the opposite to be true – most larpers are very aware of the differences between the real world and a created reality.

What is true of everyone is that sometimes the heat of the moment can lead to inappropriate behaviour as adrenalin and multiple thoughts all kick in and the person involved finds themselves taking a line of action that they really wished they hadn’t. It happens to celebrities in front of the paparazzi, politicians do it all the time and then there are many incidents involving footballers and twitter. In the flash of excitement and pressure anyone can do something stupid.

Which leads me to my point. I was commenting on some accounts of bad characters when I remembered an incident from early in my live role-playing career when a group of players in quiet pub somewhere between England and Wales got so  excited that they started inspecting very accurate replicas of automatic weapons. This is not really a recommended behaviour.

This cannot be the only time that something like this happened. There must be plenty of stories out there about momentary confusion leading to something that is hopefully funny.

So I was wondering – just for fun – do you have stories of sudden lapses in judgmen

Christmas Songs and LARP in the Real World

Despite being 3 years old this short video has been shared to me a few times recently and seeing as the song is (sort of), seasonal I decided to share it on as Christmas approaches.

Though its not LARP, being set using mostly on streets made me thing of LARP events or scenes run not on event sites but in the real world, in real streets in real towns. Here are a couple of examples of LARP games that had a real world component.

The first was set in Monmouth. A modern day event was due to run in the evening at a Forest of Dean location – about 30 minutes drive from the town. All the players were on site during the day and a briefing was arranged that extended the players pre-game play by mail that placed them in the town that day knowing that a protagonist they were following would be there. The end result as the players looking for the NPC, finding following and picking up some clues towards the evening based on items that were being shopped for. At the end of the day the players were driven to the site ready for the game to begin. It was an introduction that gave them a more natural lead in and worked.

Now for the don’t try this at home example. On a different event players were being briefed in a pub pre-game and enthusiastically got into character. Normally this would be fine – something to encouraged. This time however the players forgot they were in a remote British Pub. They has also done the no no of carrying in bags filled with replica weapons. In their enthusiasm they started putting replica assault weapons and pistols on the Pub table. Some hasty words had to be had – not least with the Publican to keep the situation calm.

So I was wondering – do you have any experience of LARP happening in the streets or public buildings.

Short LARP: Death of the Japanese Emperor

This was originally shared via Google+ by Ivan Zalac. The first thing I want to do is to thank him for making this LARP available to everyone.

Death of a Japanese Empeor is a short 1 game (total running time around 2 hours) and is available via a downloadable Google Document. Ivan has chosen to apply a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike licence to the game which allows you to both share and remix the game to make something of your own from it.

Its a nice Christmas present to LARPers everywhere.

To get a copy of this game follow this link;

You’ll find it available in Croatian and English language versions.

If you do run this LARP – Ivan is interested in how it went for you. There is a link on that page for documenting runs of the game. This is a brilliant idea – as the same scenario rarely runs the same more than once.

Thanks again to Ivan


Things have been a little on the slow side for  LARPBook this week. Largely because I am writing and running a LARP for Twilight realms this coming weekend.  The good news for the players and crew is that the game is shaping up nicely and I have confidence in it. Now I am due to do my packing.

The packing is the usual. Costumes, spare clothes, props, ref notes, handouts, equipment and the essentials of LARPing. There is nothing unexpected here, but it gets me wondering do you take anything else as a matter of routine or superstition that travels with you even though it may have nothing to do with LARP.

Here’s my list

    • First Aid kit – I’ve never been injured on a game a carry a first aid kit to. My only LARP related hospitalisation came when I did not carry one.
    • One of my travel bags has a plush fairy penguin living in it. That penguin goes where the bag goes.
    • My jade Hei Matau which I wear when going somewhere so that I go back home again safely.

So it raises the question:
Do you have packing superstitions, and what are they?

That Magic Moment … Share a Story

As I’ve been assembling LARPBook I’ve found myself thinking about the LARP events I’ve been too and the parts I played. Inevitably I got caught up in remembering the first game I was ever part of, and more importantly that single magic moment when I knew that I loved LARP games.

This is how it went.

It was a very early Fear of the Dark scenario – I think the clubs second. The game was called Wild Aces and it featured an unlikely group assembled by a secret agency run by the U.N. to deal with the dangerous and extreme. OK – so it was a spy story, and the players job was to deal with a secret base working on chemical / biological weapons.

I have to admit that I do not remember all the games details – it was a long time ago. What I do remember was an evening of investigating, double dealing, information and disinformation. Slowly dread and horror began to over take the spy action as we realised that this was no ordinary covert op and there was something nasty in the darkness. Things came to a head in the middle of the night as chased by a huge thing with glowing red eyes the surviving players battled each other in last ditch chance to complete  conflicting briefs. During this time I was grabbed, my opponent went over my shoulder,we both rolled and came up pointing guns in each others faces.

It was a moment of pure cinema.

And I was sold- hook, line, sinker and copy of Angling Times. It was combination of something cinematic mixed in with the heightened emotions that came from being in this game that made me realise that I had stumbled onto something very special.

That was 2 decades ago and those feelings never left me.

Now I am wondering – just what your magic moment. At what point did you realise that LARP was special and you had a passion for it.

Do you have a story you would like to share?


Sort of – all about LARPBook

A great friend of mine and long time LARP player – Luke Pitt has decided to reply in pictures to the quest for LARPBook publicity. So here is his view on LARPBook – I hope you enjoy it.

One of the things I’d like to encourage are posts about the funny and ridiculous side of LARP. If you have funny pictures, stories or video it would be fantastic if you could share these with the rest of community

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