Things have been a little on the slow side for  LARPBook this week. Largely because I am writing and running a LARP for Twilight realms this coming weekend.  The good news for the players and crew is that the game is shaping up nicely and I have confidence in it. Now I am due to do my packing.

The packing is the usual. Costumes, spare clothes, props, ref notes, handouts, equipment and the essentials of LARPing. There is nothing unexpected here, but it gets me wondering do you take anything else as a matter of routine or superstition that travels with you even though it may have nothing to do with LARP.

Here’s my list

    • First Aid kit – I’ve never been injured on a game a carry a first aid kit to. My only LARP related hospitalisation came when I did not carry one.
    • One of my travel bags has a plush fairy penguin living in it. That penguin goes where the bag goes.
    • My jade Hei Matau which I wear when going somewhere so that I go back home again safely.

So it raises the question:
Do you have packing superstitions, and what are they?

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