I’m currently writing a game for the Twilight Realms. It’ll actually be the last game in a 10 year sequence of campaigning and eventing for the club for the foreseeable future. This makes it a sad time, and it adds an imperative on me to make sure this scenario is a good one.

Actually it’s not all on me as the final weekend will be 3 back to back adventures. I just happen to be writing the last one to be played.

In order to make this one special I felt a need for my NPCs to be entering the game very focussed and very much knowing who they were and what they were doing. They need to have depth, texture, character, and to know what they are all about. Traditionally we’ve done this kind of thing via email – and that’s how I started. This evolved into trying something different. So I created Secret Facebook Groups (all the players are on Facebook, if they’d been on Google + the group would have been a closed circles there).

What I’m finding is that this far superior to email. We can talk as a team (important that), share documents and follow all parts of the conversation. I’ve long advocated that email is not always a good idea, but its taken until now for social media to be of such a high quality and so universally used that it has created something that makes email not the practical choice.

I’m sure many of you have already found this and are yelling at me to wake up grandpa! Yet I think its worth musing on changes in how LARPers communicate. Our job after all is create a shared and consensual entertainment and as the tools of communication change its useful for us to consider the options and share ideas with others.

So I’m thinking group conversation is a great thing.

Have you any other ideas?


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