I was lucky enough to gain permission from Matthew Bridge-Wilkinson to use this images in LARPBook. They come from a Maelstrom event in 2009.

The Maelstrom campaign has now ended and is being replaced with a new game – Empire. Details can be found at the Profound Decisions Web Site.

Before going on I need to give Matthew’s web site a shout out. He is a photographer and you can see his work at: http://www.warwickshirephotographer.com/ I particularly like his portraiture and theatrical work.


This gallery see’s an up date to LARPBooks structure. We now have a place to categorise photographs. Previous galleries have been very popular and I see real value in creating galleries of events and characters. I welcome LARP photo galleries to LARPBook. LARP can be extremely visual and it is only right to reflect that here.

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