FairEscape is a blog about LARPing from the U.S. I first discovered it when the writer posted a review of a Western style game to larping.org. Since then I’ve read a number of posts on Fairescape and been impressed.

This is a blog with a passion for larping, but an eye for looking clearly and cleanly at what makes a LARP work regardless of play style or gender. For me this is useful material. I love looking at what makes a good story work, why people enjoy one thing over another and what it is a LARPer is looking for. All this makes sense as I write the occasional game, NPC a good many games and play in some that are all about the characters.

So far you might think that FairEscape is all high level discussion about the mechanics. That’s not true, that’s just something I noticed out of personal curiosity. There is plenty here about prop making, shopping and events for all. Put simply this is a good blog.

It is one persons experience in LARP

It just happens to be done well

So please – take a look at FairEscape.

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