LARPBook is a growing and developing thing, Its current look is not the end and the articles about LARPing increase every week. This development means that I am in the wonderful position of working out what is good.

One part of the design that is working and that I want to continue are the large images seen at the top of a good many articles.  To me these are great scene setters and improve the look and feel of the pages they grace.

It makes sense to me that I should let prospective writers know the best image size to get a good result on Larpbook

The key to a good featured image is the size. It needs to be a width of 7oo pixels.

Making your featured image 700 pixels wide will give you a  great result

I’ll be adding little tips like this in between posts about LARPing. I’m hoping to attract writers to this blog. That means I need to offer support.  These short tips will be  part of that process


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