This post introducing a celtic larp group came about because I was looking fora good video to include. So far photographs have been popular postings in LARPBook and I was looking to extend it to moving images.

What I found was this montage from Dummonni Chronicles a group that specialises in low fantasy games based around Celtic and dark ages mythology.

I also have to admit that I like the idea of a fantasy LARP that draws on Celitc tradition and mythology. As much asĀ  I love a good fantasy game I do feel that too many systems rely on the usual fare of elves, orcs and dwarfs. There’s no harm – in fact it helps everyone LARP if we all understand how the protagonists work. Its just that there are other backgrounds that are so rich and full of story that it is a shame they are not often used.

When I saw the montage and then the pictures on the Dummonni web site I got the impression that this is a group runing a LARP that is world building – and doing it on a great tradition.

I would love to hear more about hte Dummonni games – if anyone has attended these I would love to receive a review to publish here.

In the meantime here is a link to a Celtic LARP –

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