Some people often worry that LARP players cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. In my experience that is blatantly not true. I find the opposite to be true – most larpers are very aware of the differences between the real world and a created reality.

What is true of everyone is that sometimes the heat of the moment can lead to inappropriate behaviour as adrenalin and multiple thoughts all kick in and the person involved finds themselves taking a line of action that they really wished they hadn’t. It happens to celebrities in front of the paparazzi, politicians do it all the time and then there are many incidents involving footballers and twitter. In the flash of excitement and pressure anyone can do something stupid.

Which leads me to my point. I was commenting on some accounts of bad characters when I remembered an incident from early in my live role-playing career when a group of players in quiet pub somewhere between England and Wales got so  excited that they started inspecting very accurate replicas of automatic weapons. This is not really a recommended behaviour.

This cannot be the only time that something like this happened. There must be plenty of stories out there about momentary confusion leading to something that is hopefully funny.

So I was wondering – just for fun – do you have stories of sudden lapses in judgmen

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