Every weekend I take a picture for the Satscenes game on Twitter. It’s something fun and its nice to have a no real pressure weekly challenge – if you want to see what this years photographs look like try this link – http://www.flickr.com/photos/grandetour/sets/72157632446308794/. This week I was photographing a rusty old garden lamp. The type that you hang out and put tea candles in.

I put the pic in Lightroom and did a little cropping and came up with the image above – I really like this picture there is something gritty, and dark about it. I like the hints of focus loss and poor quality. It also kicked me into story mode and  before long I was thinking about

    • Ageing Russian Nuclear submarines
    • Geometric shapes punched into pieces of metallic wreckage found out in the wilderness
    • Peep holes in metal walls
    • Walking up to cavern walls rich in iron ore to find little star shaped holes in them
    • A piece of armour beyond old age where a pattern of stars are part of a legendary enchantment
    • Equipment found at the end of the world.

1 picture 6 different skews on it for LARP scenario ideas.

It left me wondering two things.

First of all does this picture give you any ideas?

Do you have any good examples of where a one off encounter with a picture, a place or item has given you ideas to use in LARP?

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