This weekend saw the UK LARP Awards. I’ve got the results here. In addition there are links to the various Facebook Groups used to organise the event, the event backers and a photographer. Don’t just read the awards. Take a moment to follow the links and get involved.

Now The Results

Best Small Larp
• Cold Horizon
• Heroquest
• Disturbing Events (Runner-Up)
• Dumnonni (Winner)
• The Fall of Vusoria

Best Medium Larp
• Mythlore ‘new lands’ (Winner)
• Wasteland UK (Runner-Up)
• Aftermath
• Ornithocracy
• Alone 4

Best Large Larp
• Odyssey (Runner-Up)
• Herofest
• Lorien Trust
• Maelstrom (Winner)
• Curious Pastimes

Best Family Larp
• Herofest (Winner)
• Curious Pastimes (Runner-Up)
• Seaxe & Sorcery
• KLARP (Kid’s Live Action Roleplaying)
• Lorien Trust

Grass Roots Larp
• Herofest
• Green cloaks
• Seaxe & Sorcery
• Spearhead (Runner-Up)
• Fools & Heroes (Winner)

Best New Larp
• Green Cloaks
• Letting off Steam (Runner-Up)
• Rockets, Rayguns & really Nice Tea (Winner)
• The Fall of Vusoria
• Gav Gill

Producer – Foam & Latex
• Light Armouries
• Arty fakes
• Medlock Armouries (Runner-Up)
• Tallows FX (Winner)
• Mandala

Producer – Leather
• Darkblade
• Evenlode Studio (Winner)
• Totally Leathered
• Idiom Productions
• Battleready (Runner-up)

Best Creature Costume
• Tree Ents by Jack Slack (Winner)
• Jellyfish by Mark Cordory (Runner-Up)
• Illini by Darren Stocker
• Slayer Bugs at Vusoria
• Beast of Kyrgon by JFX Props

On-line Retailer
• Darkblade (Winner)
• Larp Inn
• Gem’s Trading Company
• Saxon Violence (Runner-Up)
• Viking Store

In-field Retailer
• Having A Larp (Runner-Up)
• Chow’s Emporium (Winner)
• Warrior’s Wardrobe
• Tallows FX
• Evenlode Studio

NPC of the Year
• Skins, Andy Dudgeon
• Aleena Tepes, Charlotte Barratt
• Scourge of the Sea, Mark Cordory (by Puppet) (Winner)
• Finivar, Captain Ron
• King Minos, Harry Harrold (Runner-Up)

Crew member of the Year
• Bill Thomas (Winner)
• Wayne Youngman
• Paul Matthews (Runner Up)
• Donna Minshul
• Dan Shapter

Lord of Larp
• Matt Strange (Winner)
• Mike Penny
• Paul Matthews (Runner-Up)
• Paul Tucker
• Mikey Smith

Lady of Larp
• Charlotte Barratt (Winner)
• Captain Ron (Runner-Up)
• Sarah Lacelles
• Sarah Poulter
• Claudia Haley

Producer – Costume
• Angrave Designs
• Midgard Seamstress (Winner)
• White Star Clothing
• The Custom Clothing Company
• Warrior’s Wardrobe (Runner-Up)

Best Larp Caterer
• Ranso’s at Skullduggery
• Circle Aflame at Candlestone (Runner-Up)
• Giddy Kipper
• Caterporium (Winner)
• Caterers for Rockets, Rayguns & Really Nice Tea

International Larp
• Drachenfest (Winner)
• Tir Nan
• Conquest of Mythodea (Runner-Up)
• Gav Gill

Both “Player Choice” and “Judges Choice” winner of the photo category was Rachel Thomas.

Winner over Best Overall Larp:


Here is the address for the UK Larp Awards Facebook Group:

The Facebook Page for Having a LARP:

Photos from the 2013 UK LARP Awards:

The Facebook UK LARP Awards 2013  Photography Section:


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