I’ve been thinking about character creation recently and started to wonder what was best,  character creation based solely on a description of personality and history or a points based skills allocation system?

Points based systems give all characters an equal and even playing field – at least when it comes to assigning capability. There is obvious equilibrium. Whilst a history based system comes down to the background that a player / ref build up for a character. This latter option has no obvious fairness in it.

So which is best?

Creating a character from its background gives  a  history and motivations that guide the behaviour of the character whilst skills are deduced from profession and hobbies. Its a method I like since I find it helps to create a better idea of who the person I’m going to play is.

Of course it means that players can end up with characters with widely varying skill sets and abilities. Some being obviously more useful than others? Is this fair?

I think it might  be as both privilege and disadvantage both come with baggage that can equate into story material. Story material turns into involvement in the game. The skills are useful but being in the story is better.

What about points? This gives each player and equal method of gaining abilities. It leads to a clear cut set of abilities – everyone knows exactly what each character can do. It separates out skills from background so the player still has a chance for building a background.

The question is which is better?

Which gives you the best bet for a good character?

I like the ideas of building everything from a characters history. Its all based on the person. Life builds lots of different people with different skills and different backgrounds so I like echoing that in LARP.

What do you think?

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