This was originally shared via Google+ by Ivan Zalac. The first thing I want to do is to thank him for making this LARP available to everyone.

Death of a Japanese Empeor is a short 1 game (total running time around 2 hours) and is available via a downloadable Google Document. Ivan has chosen to apply a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike licence to the game which allows you to both share and remix the game to make something of your own from it.

Its a nice Christmas present to LARPers everywhere.

To get a copy of this game follow this link;

You’ll find it available in Croatian and English language versions.

If you do run this LARP – Ivan is interested in how it went for you. There is a link on that page for documenting runs of the game. This is a brilliant idea – as the same scenario rarely runs the same more than once.

Thanks again to Ivan

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