Thanks to Twitter I have an opportunity to highlight this UK Kickstarter project for you. It is called Treasure Trapped and you can find full details at

The project aims to make a film that explores LARP. Its aims are to try and show how a LARP game feels to LARPers – watching a LARP and being in the thick of a game are two entirely different things and the planned documentary aims to bridge this gap. They also intend to bridge the gap between Treasure Trap (the original UK LARP game) and the  Osterkov Efterskole school in Denmark that teaches through LARP.

This is enormously ambitious – but if pulled of would probably the best study on what LARP is, and where it came from that I have heard about.

For those of you who want to know more here is the Kickstarter Video

I’ve also found a Blue  Peter report from 1983 that tries covers Treasure Trap and shows how LARP looked in 1983

I’d like to wish Treasure Trapped every success – lets hope the funding is raised to make this film a reality.

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