Its been nearly a month since LARPBook was first installed onto its server. Its hit development milestones in that it has readers and contributors, The design is evolving in a positive manner and I seem to be hitting some kind of editorial swing.

But before I go on a big thank you to everyone who has taken a look at the site – especially as it is currently a work in progress. The response has been fantastic and I’ve received some very useful comments that will help in the development of LARPBook.

And now here is the plan to develop LARPBook further. It comes in 3 parts.

  1. Seek out additional contributors so that an interesting and wide range of articles can be created
  2. Continue adding frequent LARP updates . To increase the amount of news but to also push on with articles about LARP, what it is like to play and create games and to get behind all aspects of the hobby
  3. To complete the look and feel of the site and then to look at future features.

I’ll leave the need for more and varied content as a given and talk about plans for the sites design.

I am liking the interactive feel of the current GPL theme but also think that it needs some modification. Here are the planned visual changes.

    • Leave the content background white but to make the main site background darker. To give the site a more intense look that is befitting of LARP.
    • On the home and main category pages we are generating an awful lot of boxes containing post summaries. I plan to make these a little wider – just to make things easier to see and select
    • Increase some of the font sizes – just to boost legibility of the text.
    • Keep the use of orange but to use higher contrast colours for menus, sub heading and titles
    • Use additional logins – such as Facebook and Google for commenting to make site users lives easier.

As plans goes it is simple. It boils down to – make LARPBook easier to use, develop an identity and get more good content.

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